Our Services

We offer the following UIF Services:

·         Maternity Claims

·         Adoption Claims

·         Illness Claims

·         Dismissal Claims

·         Retrenchment Claims

·         Retirement Claims

·         Domestic UIF Registrations

We e-mail all the necessary forms to you.

We make sure that your UIF forms are completed correctly and that you have all of the necessary supporting documents.

We submit your application forms to the UIF offices.

We will follow your application up after the allocated period of time.

Once your claim has been approved, we submit the payment form on a monthly basis to ensure continuation of your electronic payments.

It normally takes about 4 to 6 weeks for approval and 1st payment


The Claim Procedure

Step 1

Contact us:

Whatsapp: 083 557 7409

Email: info@specialmomentsuif.co.za

Website: http://www.specialmomentsuif.co.za/contact-us.html 

Facebook page: /Specialmomentsuif

Step 2

We will send you all the forms and information.

·       Step 3

Once your forms are complete and ready for checking, send them via email to info@specialmomentsuif.co.za with the POP.

Step 4

We will check the forms and reply to you with any comments, corrections or adjustments which need to be made.

Once all is correct, we will submit your claim.

Step 5

Once all is correct, we will submit your claim. We will do regular follow ups and once approved, we will submit the payment requests monthly until your funds are paid in full / you return to work.

Please ensure that you receive confirmation from your employer that all your work information is updated on the DOL's system to avoid any possible delays. 

It is the employers responsibility to ensure that their declaration are up to date with the DOL and NOT yours or Special Moments UIF. We can assist with this matter, but are NOT held responsible for any possible delays due to this.

Further, please ensure that you bank account details has been changed to your married name as it WILL cause a delay in payments. The bank account must be in your name only as the DOL DO NOT make payments to joint accounts or 3rd party accounts.

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